You can use social media to sell real estate, but the most important thing one needs to keep in mind is that social media sites don’t sell real estate, Realtors do. The challenge when using social media is to make sure that you are attracting the right kind of traffic to your sites. The way to do this is by posting specific content that you know your visitors are looking for. When posting, you will want to think about what you are looking for in a client, what kind of questions they are looking to have answered, what kind of information they would be interested in searching for, and then you will post answers to these specific questions on your blogs and social media platforms.

So how do you do this? To help you with your techniques, we have listed 4 tips for using social media to help you sell your real estate.

1. Are followers the key? Remember that getting more followers is really not your goal. Twitter, Facebook and other social media are more temporary than mass media. Tweets fly by in real time, Facebook posts are slower in the newsfeed, and newspapers are easier to catch, however, usually they just lay around. There’s so much content flying by, and unless you stay awake 24 hours a day, glued to the screen, it’s impossible to catch it all. Social media is trendy, and it can be effective, but you could invest all of your time and energy in it, building up a list of 10,000 fans and followers, when a more effective strategy would be to post smart. Give your clients what they want, and they will follow.
2. How do you engage? Social selling is about engagement that comes from effective interaction. You can’t just post information and hope that someone will comment or read your post. Your engagement on social sites, your blog, and your comments are a way of opening the door for people to approach you, ask you questions, and feel comfortable with you. When they are ready, they will contact you to do business because they will view you as knowledgeable and an expert in real estate. If they are in the market, it is likely that they will use you for their next real estate transaction.
3. Are you looking for clues? You will find many clues that are posted on websites and other social media sites of what your potential buyers or sellers are actually looking for. The prospects from your blogging website will contact you with questions. You will find posts from your friends on Facebook. You might even search through Twitter and find out what kind of questions people want to learn about. When you provide the answers they are looking for, you can even go further and post even more information on that topic to draw them in more. People will come back to your social sites to get valuable information that you are posting. These sites do not “sell” homes, but the right information prompts people to want to keep coming back for more.
4. Are you committed? If you plan to set up your social profile, you have to commit, just as you would if you were taking care of a child or a puppy. You have to feed it, nurture it and monitor it daily. If you can’t commit the time, then this is probably not something for you. Being involved in social media requires you to be social, patient and personal. You have to get to know your audience. Your profile on these sites, your blog, and your comments are ways of opening the door for people to approach you, and then potentially use you for their next real estate transaction. Get committed!

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