Have you ever seen the ads on the right side of your Facebook page? Have you noticed how they seem to be speaking directly to your likes and interests? Why is that? Facebook advertising is one of the most targeted advertising platforms available. When placing a Facebook ad the advertiser controls who that ad is shown to, where it is shown, and how often it is shown. Facebook advertising allows the advertiser to solicit a very specific target market based on that market’s likes, interests, location, age, profession, sex, educational level, etc. When the ad is properly configured, it will be displayed to the right person at the right time. 

In addition to being able to specifically target prospects, Facebook advertising is very inexpensive.  It is a pay-per-click advertising medium, which means that you do not pay for your ad until someone clicks on it.  Because the advertiser has targeted his ad towards a select demographic or group, people who click on this ad will likely have an interest in doing business with him.  For example, if you want to target high-end homeowners in the Dallas, TX area with Facebook, you could configure your ad to be shown only to people between the ages of 35 to 65, who have a college degree, who belong to the American Medical Association or American Bar Association, and who live in Dallas, TX.  So, this ad would only be shown to doctors and lawyers in the Dallas area, and these doctors and lawyers likely live in high-end homes.  In this example, you are only spending money on your ad when a doctor or lawyer in Dallas, TX clicks on your ad and is taken to your website or Facebook fan page. An often unsung, benefit to this type of ad is that you are getting thousands, if not millions, of impressions of your name and face to your target market with your ad for free, until someone clicks on it. The ad will only be shown to people who exactly fit the criteria you’ve set; and, therefore, only those targeted have the opportunity to click the ad.

Once your prospects click on your ad, you can have them directed towards your personal website, where you can offer them a free report in exchange for their email address and name, which you would add to your email marketing database or you could have them directed towards your Facebook fan page, where they can see your daily posts and featured listings. 

In conclusion, Facebook marketing is a very cost effective way to increase your exposure in your local market, target buyers and sellers who fit your niche, and expand your e-mail marketing database.

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