This past week I got the email I’d been hearing about for the previous 10-14 days.  Google sent out their new privacy policy recently to all of their users.  The new policy is intended to ease the burden of having a different privacy policy for every single product they offer.  Google also says the policy will help it to better understand your browsing experience.  This means that whatever you do while you are using a Google service can/will be considered when you are searching.  So, whatever you watch on YouTube will factor in to results while you are Google searching.  With this policy change, Google is confirming that your search results are different than my search results. 

Well, what does all of this mean to you and me?  It means we need to separate church and state… well, actually business and personal.  You may want to open a separate Google account for your business for each Google service you use.  So, if you have one Gmail account, and you use that account for personal and business emailing and you use Google for search while you are logged in to that one Gmail account, then your search results will be influenced by your personal emails sent on Gmail.  So, the best thing to do is set up a Gmail account for your business use (if you don’t have one through the server with your company) and a Gmail account for your personal use.  Do this same thing with YouTube, Google Voice, etc, etc.

After you do this, be sure you pay extra special attention to which account you are logged into when you are searching on Google because your search results will be affected going forward.  Remember to keep personal personal and business business.

For the most part you will notice very little change in Google’s services if you follow the tip above.  I know, I know.  We now have another whole set of passwords and usernames to keep up with – which gives me the idea for my blog topic for tomorrow… my tip for unique and easy to remember passwords.  The new policy is part of Google’s way of making their search algorithm more personal and, therefore, tougher to duplicate (sorry Bing!).

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