It seems like everyone and their brothers have smartphones and tablets these days.  It could be because they do.  Smart marketers have definitely noticed this trend and have completely embraced mobile in their marketing efforts.  So, what exactly does “Mobile” mean when it comes to marketing?

Well, mobile marketing is the process of marketing on or with a mobile device.  We all know that we live in a society of instant gratification and when consumers are mobile our marketing messages need to be mobile also in order to reach them.  What does this mean to you as a Realtor?  It means you need to incorporate mobile marketing into your current marketing efforts.

This is not just my opinion.  Here’s what the statistics from a recent survey completed by The Real Estate Book show:

1. 98% of all homebuyers who use a mobile device in their home search process consider it a “valuable tool” – 46% of those surveyed state the device was “essential” to their search and 52% state the device as “helpful” in their search.

2. 68% stated they contacted a real estate professional to view a home based on their mobile search.

3. 85% of previous non users of mobile search will consider using a mobile device in their next home search.

So, hopefully, now you can see the importance of mobile real estate marketing.  Saturday, I’ll show you two quick easy ways to make sure you’re using mobile marketing so that you and your listings can be found on mobile devices.

Photo courtesy of Twobee


I wrote a blog yesterday about how captioning your real estate videos is important for SEO purposes and to assist the hearing impaired.  In a previous blog, I wrote about – the website where you hire people to do things for you or provide services for you for $5 per job.  Well, I’ve hired transcriptionists on to transcribe my messages in the past, and I can tell you that I’ve been quite pleased with most of the transcription work as well as the bump with the SEO.  Today, I want to introduce you to two more services that can help you with transcribing your videos.

1. Omega Transcripts – For $8.25 per minute of video, Omega Transcripts will transcribe your video into a .srt file for you to upload directly into YouTube.  Or you can have them transcribe your video into a Microsoft Word document for $1.25 per minute for a 5 day turnaround.  You can then upload that Microsoft Word transcription file into YouTube using their Beta captioning upload – which I have had very good luck with.

2. Verbatim IT – These folks provide a video transcription service for a flat rate of $1.50/minute, and they will even upload the file for you.  If you have a heavy accent, no worries… VerbatimIT has you covered with no extra transcription charges.  VerbatimIT will also give you an hourly rate of $30 for transcription service for those long videos.

Don’t forget to checkout as well, but these 3 options are likely all you need to handle your transcriptions.  If you know of any other transcription sites that are awesome or do something very neat, then please leave those sites below in the comments section.


I’ve spent a lot of time writing about video marketing for real estate over the past two weeks.  The reasons are many, but the main reason I’ve written so much about it is because video marketing done right can really grow your business, and if you are going to take the time to do video then you may as well do it right.  Now that we’ve gotten that settled, let’s move on to the 2 reasons why you should add captions to your real estate videos as soon as possible.

Search Engine Optimization – Yep, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Google loves video, but it has one problem with video.  Google is a text based search engine, and video… well, it is not text based.  Captioning your videos gives the search engines text to read.  Once that text is read and your video is chocked full of your keywords, then your video will get ranked better on the search engines.  That is good!

Increase in Viewers – How well a video ranks on Google is determined in part by how many views you have.  Not just the number of views, but the number of complete beginning to end views.  By not captioning your videos you are excluding a very large part of our population – the hearing impaired.  I’ve read that there are more citizens of the US with a hearing impairment than there are total people living in Canada.  Captioning your videos includes a large sector of the market in your offers.

In one of my blogs last week I wrote about one way of getting your videos captioned.  Tomorrow I’ll give you 2 additional ways of getting your videos captioned very inexpensively.

I look forward to sharing those sources with you then.


I was sitting at the office working and pondering blog topics for today, and I said to myself, “Self, give your readers a tip to help them make some money… in 90 days or less… with MINIMAL work and effort!”  I’m a little crazy like that because I always want to give you more than you’ll get by reading some other blog.  So, here’s what I did.  I just found 3 prospective homebuyers using Twitter in 5 minutes, and here’s how I did it.

I opened my web browser (Firefox), and I typed the following in the address bar:  I pressed “Enter.”  A screen came up that says, “See What’s Happening Right Now,” and there is a search bar underneath those words.  Below the search bar are the words “Advanced Search” with a hyperlink to the Advanced Search screen. 

twitter for real estate 5

In the Advanced Search screen, I typed in the words, “buy a house” and “Landlord” in the “All of These Words” search bar.  Note the “Landlord” search doesn’t seem to pull up results that are as good as “buy a house” but the 2 results below are unhappy being renters (I love unhappy renters!).  I entered the words “Miami, Florida” in the “Near This Place” search bar, and I entered 25 miles as the number in the “Within This Distance” box.  I clicked the “Search” button, and all of the tweets from Twitter users within 25 miles of Miami that tweeted anything with the words “buy a house” or “Landlord” in the tweet came back in the search results.

twitter for real estate 6

I found 2 leads there out of the many that came back.

twitter for real estate

twitter for real estate 2

I then changed the city to Phoenix, Arizona, and I searched again and quickly found one more lead there out of the many results that came back. 

twitter for real estate 3

Again, this took me less than 5 minutes to search and screen the results for prospective buyers.

Well, what would I do if I was a Realtor?  I would follow them in hopes they would follow me back.  Once they followed me back, I would send them a direct message and initiate a conversation with them.  I would offer them a free report/ebook or some sort of ethical bribe to start with.  The key is to establish a rapport with them online without being pushy.  I’d eventually point them towards my website and then politely message them to ask if I can add their email address to my database where I would start my incredible drip email campaign that is designed to move suspects to prospects and prospects to buyers and sellers.  From that point, I’ll likely friend them on Facebook and then start trying to pull a phone number from them.  Once I get them on the phone they are mine!  They will be wooed by my charm and personality, and in 3 months they’ll be the owner of a home that I sold them.  That’s what I would do if I was a Realtor.

What would you do if you were a Realtor?  Don’t be the 90% and do nothing with this awesome tip.  Be a 10%’er, and leave me a comment below and let me know what you’ll do with this tip.  I look forward to seeing your responses.


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