LinkedIn, as you already know, is THE social networking site for business.  The users of the site are on the site to do business.  I am a fan of the site for that very reason.  LinkedIn is a great way to find others to do business with and for others to find you as well. 

So, how does someone find you on LinkedIn, you ask?  Well, if you have set up your profile correctly, they find you by doing a search for “real estate agent (your city)” or “Realtor (your city)” at the top of the site.  Go to LinkedIn and see where you rank.  If you are not on page 1, then read on to learn how to not only get to page 1, but spot 1 on page 1.  Trust me here, this is not hard, and the results are immediate.

There are 3 steps to accomplish a page 1 search rank on LinkedIn.  Here they are:

1.       Choose a Keyword for Which You Want to Rank – It doesn’t matter what keyword it is – Real Estate, Realtor, Real Estate Agent, Real Estate Professional, Real Estate Sales, Real Estate Sales Professional, etc, etc.  Pick a keyword (or keyword phrase) that you think people will search for on LinkedIn and write it down.

2.       Search Your Keyword – Now go to LinkedIn and actually search for your keyword.  Look at the headline and the current work experience sections and count the number of times your keyword appears in those two sections.  Write that number down.

3.       Beat That Number – There are 5 sections to put your keywords in your profile, so click on edit profile and add your keyword in these 5 sections:

a.       Headline – This is a very important place to have your keyword.

b.      Current Work Experience – The second most important place to have your keyword.

c.       Past Work Experience

d.      Summary

e.      Specialties

So, here’s the trick to #3… Don’t be spammy!  If you are using your keywords just to increase the number of times you have your keywords in your description or title, then the viewer of your profile will immediately pick up on this and move on to view the next profile.  After you do the 3 steps above you should be ranked on page 1 of LinkedIn, if not page 1 spot 1.  If you are not then keep working on your profile and be sure to build your connections.  The more connections you have and who you are connected to have an effect on your ranking, but 90% of Realtors can rank on page 1 for their keyword in their city within seconds of following steps 1 – 3 above.

Hopefully, you’ll find yourself to be the King or Queen of LinkedIn in just a few short minutes.  After you do, please come back here and leave a comment telling me how cool and smart I am.  I love reading those comments!


Last week I was pretty hot and heavy on video marketing for real estate for a couple of reasons.  First, video marketing works!  There are numerous case studies of how video marketing has helped thousands of businesses (and Realtors) to grow their sales.  Second, I am now waist deep in a new video marketing class where I am learning lots of new ways to increase sales using video.  Yes, I will always be a student of the marketing game, and I’ve found sharing ideas with like minded professionals always helps develop my creative side.

On that note, today, I’d like to share with you the 4 types of tutorial (or “How To”) videos that get views and grow your viewership and sales:

1.   FAQ’s – You should be able to come up with a thousand questions buyers and/or sellers frequently ask you.  Write down a bunch of those topics, work your keywords into the video script and video title, and record your video.

2.   Demonstrations – This one is pretty self explanatory, but you may be at a loss for ideas.  How about doing a video where you demonstrate to a prospective home buyer how to research the prices of homes in the areas that she is interested in or demonstrate to a prospective seller how to best stage a room where the features of the room are highlighted rather than hidden?

3.   ABC’s of Keyword – Insert your keyword into the phrase and do a series of videos where you pick a letter from the alphabet and discuss something that starts with that letter.  For example, your title might read, “ABC’s of Buying a Foreclosure in Miami – A is for Attorney.”  I like this strategy because it lets the viewers know there are more videos to watch and you now have an endless subject of videos to record as you can repeat letters if you want.

4.   Video Series – Pick an acronym like “H.O.M.E.B.U.Y.E.R” and record a series of videos covering each letter in the acronym just as you would in the ABC’s example above.  The major difference between the ABC’s and the video series is that there is an end to the series. 

So, when preparing your video marketing strategy, pick one or more of the How To video types mentioned above to help with coming up with a format for your videos.  Use your keywords in your title and your content so your videos will be optimized and stay tuned for some tips on how to make your videos awesome.

If you have any killer ideas for video subjects or titles, please feel free to leave those below. 


Yesterday, I wrote a post about the 4 types of keywords for your video marketing success where I gave you a list of 4 different types of keywords you can use to really boost your video marketing efforts.  In that post I promised you I would give you some video marketing keyword research tips to help you find those ideal keywords to use as topics of your videos.  Keywords for video marketing are much different than keywords you would use to drive traffic to your website.  I never like to disappoint, so here are your video marketing keyword research tips:

1.     Use Google Keyword Tool to see what keywords people are searching for that are related to real estate.  Look for keywords with 3,000+ local monthly searches.  Write those down and actually search those keywords for videos.

2.     Reverse engineering your competitors’ videos is a great way to do some reconnaisance work.  This is done by clicking on the graph button underneath the video player to the right of the display of the number of video views.  You can see lots of interesting demographics and stats as to who is watching your competitions’ videos, why the video gets the views, and where the views are coming from (which keywords are being used to find the videos).

3.     Look for keywords with upward trends using Google Insights.  Keywords trending up are being searched more frequently than downward trending videos.  However, as you can see by the chart below, our industry is trending downward.  So, think about what your family, friends, and clients are asking you about that is real estate related and search those trends, ie foreclosures, short sales, etc.

4.     Follow!/YouTubeTrends  to see what is trending on YouTube.  This is a great way to get current event keywords that we discussed in yesterday’s post.

5.     If you are not on Twitter, then go to to see what is hot on YouTube right now.

5.5This really doesn’t have to do with your keyword research, but it is not a bad idea to watch your competition closely.  Do this by going to Google Alerts and setting up video alerts for your keywords to see who is posting videos related to your subject.


Try these 5.5 tips when you are researching keywords for your video topics, and you will be far ahead of your competition.  Following this system will lead to more views for your videos and more business due to more exposure from those views.  If you have another great strategy for researching keywords for real estate video marketing, then please leave that below in the comments section.



Yesterday, I wrote a blog entitled, “4 Easy Steps to Search Engine Optimize Your Videos,” and in that post I mentioned that you need to have your keywords in your description and in the title of your video in order to get ranked highly on Google.  So, today I need to talk a bit more about keywords.  You see, the keywords that you will use to SEO your website may, or may not, be the same keywords that you want to use in your video description.  The reason is this… you should be doing videos about your keywords instead of just doing videos for the sake of doing videos and throwing your keywords into the title and description when your video really is not related to those keywords.  So where do you start with choosing keywords for your video topics?  Well, here are the 4 types of keywords you should focus on when determining video topics:

1.     Keywords Related to Your Niche – If your niche is luxury homes in Nashville, then research all of the possible keyword choices and combinations for luxury homes in Nashville and do videos on those keywords. 

2.     Keywords that Already Have Videos Appear in Google Results – I know this sounds weird, but you want to use keywords that already have videos in the search results.  This means that Google is already paying attention to video for that keyword and that the other search results are not too deeply rooted in their positions.

3.     Current Event Keywords – Piggybacking on a current event can give you lots o’ views.  For example, do a video where you jokingly apologize for being solely responsible for near record high gasoline prices.  Of course, everyone will know you are joking, but if your content is humorous enough the video will get lots of views.

4.     Related Video Keywords – This is done by copying the keyword tags of other real estate related videos on YouTube, and then doing your videos on keywords that are closely related (not identical).  YouTube will then know your video is related to the first video and will recommend yours after the first one is played.  If the original video has tons of views, then your video will have a great many views as well.  This is a very powerful strategy!

So, when trying to decide what your next video will be on, you should first do your keyword research and then choose your keyword as the subject of your video.  Tomorrow I will be sharing a few tips on researching and choosing keywords for video, so be sure to come back then to learn more.  In the meantime, please leave me a comment below to tell me if you are starting to get a little more motivated to add video to your marketing plan.

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