People are always looking for answers to their questions on the internet.  They use the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, etc. to find answers. So what do you need to do? You need make sure that your blog contains the answers to the most searched questions, and therefore you will be able to drive traffic to your website. This is a fantastic opportunity for Realtors. Blogs get a lot of traffic when they touch on important subject matter. So, the answers people are searching for will be contained in the content you write in your blog and these keywords will enable search engines to find you.

Over half of your visitors will come from searches on subjects that you write about. Therefore, you need to have good material that you know people will want to read, and you will begin to be picked up by search engines. You should learn how to put tags in your blog as well. Do a random search on the topics you want to talk about and find key words (also known as tags) you will want to include in your blog, then include these tags in your content in your blog. Remember however, even with the best tags, if your content is not what people want to read the tags won't help. 

There are several ways to attract readers to your blog. First, the title of your posting should be something that will grab their attention and draw them in to your blog. Once they are there, you should invite people to comment on your blog, by asking specific questions that will peak people’s interest. Make sure you write open-ended posts that will leave room for your readers to respond. If you say everything about your topic in the blog, you’re less likely to have others comment because you likely covered everything that could have been added. Once people have commented, make sure you go back and interact with your readers, as this shows your readers that their comments are valued. Be gracious if someone leaves a comment correcting you and don’t respond in a harsh or defensive manner. Lastly, reward good comments by replying to comments left by stating that the person made a good point.  The content of your blog facilitates an enjoyable experience for the visitor who will be likely to return and tell others about the blog. 

The most important thing you can do is to be consistent.  You do not want to blog one week and then turn around and not return for a month. Even if you have the most interesting articles or posts, people will become disinterested in your blog and move on. Write a couple of articles or posts at a time and use a scheduler to post automatically. And always make sure you have new stuff when readers come back. 

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