Every once in a while I find something online that I absolutely fall in love with and I have to share with everyone I know. Well, I wish I could say that I was the first one to discover this site, but I cannot.  I wish I would surprise you with the name of this awesome site, but I will not.  The site is not a new one, but it probably does have uses that you were unaware of.  And, that is my main reason for today's blog post.  The site is Stumbleupon. There are two reasons I love Stumbleupon and you will too.  

The first reason is obvious – the site is just cool. Stumbleupon describes itself as follows: 

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine that finds the best of the web, recommended to each unique user. It allows its users to discover and rate Web pages, photos, and videos that are personalized to their tastes and interests using peer-sourcing and social-networking principles.

While setting up your profile, you tell Stumbleupon what interests and likes you have.  After that you can click on the "Stumble!" button, and Stumbleupon will search the interest to find photos, videos, blog posts and websites that fit your likes and interests.  So, when you have time to kill and you want to learn more about your favorite hobby, you click the "Stumble!" button and Stumbleupon does the dirty search work for you. 

The second reason I like StumbleUpon is for the traffic it can generate for your own website.  There is a difference in traffic and quality traffic, and Stumbleupon can generate both for you.  Here are 5 steps that you can use to generate your website with Stumbleupon.
1. Install the toolbar – I have to be honest… I hate too many toolbars on my browser! But to use this tool properly, you really need to install the toolbar on your browser as it makes finding, sharing, and communicating with the community easier.  
2. Install the Stumble Button – This button is similar to the Facebook like or Google+ buttons many of you have on your website.  Put this button on your pages and blog posts.  
3. Connect with other Stumblers – Connect to Stumbleupon via Facebook to see if any of your other contacts are using Stumbleupon.  If so, connect with them, and they will likewise return the favor.  From there you can encourage your following to like each other's relevant content to get more bang for your Stumbleupon buck.  Note: you really want to connect with others who have similar interests to make this strategy take off for you.  
4.  Consider Stumble Paid Discovery – This can be a low cost way to send a surge of traffic to a particular blog post that you have.  The quality of this traffic is not the greatest; however the volume of traffic will help make up for that. 
5. – This is Stumbleupon's own link shortner (muck like This tool makes submitting your content to Stumbleupon at the same time you send to Facebook and Twitter very easy. 
So, go on out there and setup your Stumbleupon profile if you don't already have one and start playing with Stumbleupon.  While you are there playing, spend 30 minutes each week using Stumbleupon to drive traffic to your website.  Your checkbook and SEO will thank you.  
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