Imagine this… You are at Starbucks downloading your favorite artist’s new CD from iTunes when you spill your coffee on your table. You jump up and run to grab some napkins from the dispenser on the counter, rush back to your table to clean up your mess, and the only thing there is your spilled beverage.  Your laptop is missing!

You look around frantically trying to figure out where your laptop went.  You run outside to try to see something, anything.  Nothing is there and no one is around.  You go back inside the store and start asking people who are sitting nearby if they saw who stole your laptop, but no one saw anything or knows anything.  How can this be?  You only turned your back for 10 seconds.  You’ve been in this store a hundred times, and you’ve never seen anyone seedy patronize the place.  This is a safe community.  You’ve never heard of anyone having any issues in this area, until now.

Now, you are living the nightmare that none of us even want to think about.  Your life was on that laptop.  Pictures, documents, contracts, contacts, account numbers, social security numbers – the list goes on and on.  After reporting the theft to the police, you don’t have any hope that you’ll ever see your laptop again or that they will ever catch the person who has just stolen your personal information and possibly your identity.  You feel sick to your stomach, and you are on the verge of having a meltdown!

You start to second guess yourself.  What could you have done differently in this whole process?  You could have bought LoJack.  LoJack is an innovative piece of software that I ran across recently.  It is a computer theft recovery service with remote device and data security features. If your laptop is stolen or missing, you’ve got the power to remotely block access to it and the personal data it contains, while LoJack’s Theft Recovery Team works to recover it for you.

This is a really cool service that I’ll be loading onto my laptop tonight!  I consider this service to be a very inexpensive insurance policy, and I encourage all of you to check out their website and protect yourself as well.  Identity theft costs its victims huge headaches, heartaches, and thousands of dollars to correct the damage.  Don’t be a statistic!

Check out LoJack today at and leave me a comment below to let me know your thoughts or if you know of another similar service.

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