This morning, I sat down in front of my computer, as I always do, to check my emails.  I received an email notification from Facebook that my account had possibly been tampered with.  I was shocked of course because I never thought anything like that would or could happen!  What about all my personal information?  Does someone know where I live now?  Do they have my phone number?  So like most people would do, I tried to log on to Facebook, but it wouldn't let me.  

Well, in order to log into Facebook, I had to change my password.  So, I changed the password and contacted Facebook immediately to see if any of my information had been compromised.  According to the Facebook help desk, someone made too many attempts to get into my account, and Facebook locked my account.  The hacker was not able to get into my account because he couldn't figure out the correct password.  Does this mean that I have a strong password? After thinking about it, no I didn't have a strong password. I just got lucky this time!  I knew then that I needed to find a password that would keep everyone guessing!  After all, my account probably wasn't the only account that the hacker was trying to get into.  Are you positive that your account is safe? 

How do you create a strong password?  Well, we all need a password that is easy to remember and tough enough to keep the bad guys out since there are too many online services that we use which require us to log in using a password. First, we have to put together a combination of capitalization, alphanumeric, and special characters.  First, choose two special characters, like #&$(*&!@.  Next, pick two ending characters from the ones listed in the prior sentence.  Don’t pick the same first two and last two characters.  Now, you need to choose a word you can remember like the name of the website.  After you choose this word, you need to pick a few characters that you want to capitalize and a character or two that could be replace with a number or a special character.

To show you an example of this, I am going to choose the first characters to be (#. I will choose the last two characters to be *&.  I will choose the word “Facebook” because that is easy for me to remember.  The word “Facebook” allows for many opportunities to change the letters around, so let's change it up to look like this: F@ce800k.  Last, we put it all together, and our password looks something like this: (#F@ce800k*&.  Does that look like a strong password to you?  You can check the strength of your password by going to the website  By using the site, I discovered that a hacker would take approximately 100 million years to crack the password above.

Remember, you don’t want to use the same password on every site because if one is compromised, then your entire life could be unlocked by a hacker! 

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    The same thing happened to me! Thank you for posting.

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