Yesterday, I wrote about Google’s new privacy policy and how Big Brother, I mean Google, will be watching how you use their services and will start customizing your search results based on how you use their other services.  I also recommended that if you use any Google services for business purposes that you open new accounts with those services specifically for your business.  Well, this raised some eyebrows and ruffled some feathers of some Realtors.  Some were unhappy with the intrusive nature of Google’s new methods and others were just unhappy with the fact that they will need another set of passwords for the Google services they use.  Unfortunately, I can’t help you with Google’s intrusive new policy other than to recommend you start using Yahoo! or Bing, but I can help you with the password problem.

Today, I’m going to share with you my trick for creating multiple easy to remember but tough to crack passwords for your web surfing pleasure.  Ready?

Ok, so let’s say you need a new password for Yahoo!.  The first thing you need to do is choose two special characters listed above the numbers on the number keys of your keyboard.  These same two characters are going to be the start of EVERY single password you create from now on.  Now you are going to choose two more special characters to put at the end of your password. These characters will also be used at the end of EVERY single password you create.  For our Yahoo! password maybe I choose the special characters above the “1″ the “0″ the “2″ and the “7″ since that is my birthday.  So to start my password I’ve chosen “!” “)” and to end my password, I’ve chosen “@” and “&.”  From here I am simply going to put the name of the website between those two sets of symbols so my Yahoo! password looks like this, “!)Yahoo!@&”  According to, a desktop pc would take about 231 years to hack my password!  Now, this password is pretty secure; however, we are going to step it up a notch.  We are going to change some of the letters in the password to symbols or numbers, and we are going to do this consistently with every site we use.  For example, I may choose to change all of my a’s to @’s, all of my o’s to 0′s, all of my l’s to 1′s, and so on.  The trick here is consistency!  So, we’ll do this for our Yahoo! password, and now it looks like this !)Y@h00!@&.  According to, it will take someone about 928 years to hack that my new Yahoo! password.  Personally, I like the thought that it will take someone 928 years to get into my account, and part of me hopes that they will sit at their monitor waiting until they get it hacked.  But I really like the idea that this is a very secure password, and I can remember what my password is because it is in the same format as all of my other passwords, even though it is very different than my other passwords.

I hope this process helps you with your passwords.  If you have any other super cool password generation tips, then please leave them in the comment section below.  If you know of anyone who you think can benefit from the information in this blog, then please forward or share this post with them.  Also, please note that NO password was harmed in the writing of this blog post!

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