There are a million distractions in this busy world we live in.  Between work, home, kids, friends, family, etc, something always seems to come up that pulls us away from the tasks at hand or the items on our to do lists. 

I seem to be constantly distracted at work by a phone call, email, fax, or coworker, but I have noticed that I seem to distract myself more so than any of the above do when it comes to my marketing efforts.  I know I need to market myself on Facebook, Twitter, Google Places, LinkedIn, Google +, write blogs to post on my website, Trulia, and ActiveRain.  I need to keep my email marketing campaign up to date so I don't lose touch with my contacts, and I need to make phone calls to agents, past clients, and referral sources so I can keep those referrals floating in.  I have to do all of these things while still working on the daily tasks that my job demands of me.  It is just so easy for me to be distracted with all of these things going on at once.

Well, I am going to make a recommendation to you.  STOP!  Yep, stop!  We are so busy trying to be the expert in all of these marketing platforms that we are using that we are truly good at only one or two of them.  It is not our fault,  primarily because these technologies that we are using change so frequently that we can't keep up with them.  We will never understand the changes made on Facebook recently because we have to keep up with the new Google + business pages.  We'll never learn and understand the Google + business pages because there will be changes to Twitter's platform soon.  It just keeps going and going and going.  That is why my recommendation to you is to just stop.  Slow down and focus on the one or two platforms that are truly working for you.  Learn those one or two platforms.  No, don't just learn them – MASTER them!  If you will master those platforms, then you should be able to pull enough business from those couple of platforms so that all of the 50 other platforms just don't matter. 

If you are adamant about being on more platforms that you really feel like you can master, then you need to hire an assistant or virtual assistant who has those other platforms mastered and turn your marketing efforts on those platforms over to that person.  As much as we all want to, we can't be experts on everything.  I know this, personally, because I have tried. 

Fight Social Media Marketing ADD!

(Sidebar: For a quick laugh, check out this clip to discover an alternative treatment for ADD.) 

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