We've all seen the videos on YouTube and Facebook that go viral and have millions of views.  We would all love to have at least one video for our business to go viral like that. We've all imagined the increased awareness, phone calls, and emails that a viral video would give to us.  While the chances of one of your videos going viral are slim, a video marketing campaign should be a major part of any Realtor's marketing plan.  Most Realtors acknowledge that video marketing is something they should be doing.  Most are confused about how to begin.

Following are some tips Realtors can use to get started on a video marketing campaign: 

  • First and foremost, define your audience.  You must figure out who your target market is and what is important to them in order for your video to stand out to them.  
  • Next, determine your formula.  Think about what would make you as a consumer share your video with others – humor, emotion, etc.  Then ask yourself how you can tie in your product or service to your formula and create your story from there. 
  • Steal a new story.  Your video can benefit if you can somehow embed a big new story into it.  Take advantage of someone else's 15 minutes of fame, but be careful to pick the right story. 
  • Outline your story. After you determine the direction of your video, outline your actual story points making sure that the story flows.
  • Include your call to action. You have to ask or tell the consumer what to do immediately after your story is told.  Otherwise, even the best video is wasted as far as a sales perspective is concerned. 
  • Ask your viewers to share. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.  Don't be ashamed to ask and make it easy for them to share. Show them how they can share on Facebook and Twitter. 
  • Post your video everyone.  Put it on your website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 

Video marketing is a great tool to use to boost your sales because it is cheap, easy and effective.  With simple easily accessible tools like a digital camera and free editing software online, you can have your video online in less than an hour.  Don't expect your first video to go viral and give up when it doesn't.  Be patient and diligent though because having a video go viral takes lots of attempts.  

Tell us what you think below about that value of video in real estate sales and please include a link to your own sales video.  We will share it with others and do our part to spread your virus.

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